1. Getting Started

    -Sign Up

    To sign up, click here http://shop.btmlaundry.com/users/register (link to click here text). Everything you need to access our services is found once you login to your account!

    -First Order

    For your first order, please use any disposable bag you have at home (garbage for example) to package up your order.  When we return your first order you’ll get a blue BTM Wash Dry Fold laundry bag.  We also are happy to provide a red BTM Dry Cleaning garment bag upon request.  Please make sure to separate laundry and dry cleaning into two separate bags so ensure accuracy.

    -How It Works

    We operate Monday - Saturday picking up and delivering laundry wash-dry-fold and dry cleaning to our clients. We designed the process to be convenient and simple.  Sign up, schedule your pick up, put your order in your SPOT, and we return it back on your scheduled delivery date!

    -Pay As You Go or Value Plan?

    Pay As You Go: à la carte laundry services.  You are charged for each order based on the weight of the order.   Value Plans are four week plans that are for customers who plan on using the service on a regular basis. They offer discounted price per pound, greater convenience, and 10% off all dry cleaning!  You are charged once every 28 days. Here’s how they work: When you purchase a plan, you are setup with a 28 day period with a certain amount of pounds available for use during the term.  As you order throughout the month, we deduct from your available pounds.  There is no limit on the number of pick ups you have for your plan, the only caveat is we have a 15lb minimum for each order (to cover our costs). If you use more than your available pounds for the term, then you pay the standard pay as you go rate for your extra pounds.  Your plan then renews 28 days later so you can continue to use the service and save money!  An additional bonus (because we appreciate your business!)  is you get 10% off all your dry cleaning when you have an active Value Plan. All of the details regarding your plan can be found in the My Value Plan page once you log into your account.

    -Rutgers Plans

    We started this business while we were Rutgers students, and most of our first customers were our friends and classmates.  We know what a hassle laundry can be while away from home, and busy with the stress of college.  That’s why we have specific plans for any Rutgers student.   The plan’s feature our premium Wash Dry Fold service with weekly pick ups on the same day each week of the school semester.  You are allotted 15, 20, or 25 lbs each week.  Any overages are charged at our normal price per pound rate.

    -Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning orders take two days to process. Occasionally intricate garments or large orders will require an extra day to process, although we always communicate this to you as soon as we receive your order.  We are able to clean leather or suede, but we send that work out to a specialist so additional processing time is needed.  You are given a red Dry Cleaning bag after your first order and you are charged by piece.  

  2. Pick Up and Delivery

    -My Locations

    We designed the My Locations feature because many of our customers asked for pick up at their office, but delivery to their home.  Or, they had one account, but used us for services at work, and also at home.  After logging into your account, you have the My Locations section where you can add or remove different service addresses for your account.  You can schedule your pick up or delivery at the location of your choice!

    -Your SPOT

    SPOT stands for Secure Point of Transfer.  It is the location you leave and receive your garment bag on your pick up date. Logistics and efficiency are a vital part of our operation, so by utilizing a SPOT, we can keep our prices low, and keep you happy because you can continue with your day without having to worry about meeting us or being available at a certain time.  SPOT Examples include: Concierge Desk, Outside Apartment Door, Back Porch, Foyer of Building.  We also are happy to take a key from you if you’d like, which we keep on a coded key chain. We gladly will deliver straight to you, but if we have to wait or if we fail to get in contact with you, we have an additional charge because of the time lost.

    -What if I have both Wash Dry Fold and Dry Cleaning?

    The most important thing is to tell us you have both!  When you log in and schedule your pick up, you will have the option to select if you are ordering for Wash Dry Fold, Dry Cleaning, or Both.  Here is where you tell us you have both laundry and dry cleaning.  It is equally important to use your BTM bags to separate your laundry and dry cleaning so we know what is what.

    -Hours of Operation

    We operate Monday - Saturday starting early each morning.  Usually the latest your order will be picked up or dropped off is 2pm.

    -Order Cutoff Time

    Our order cutoff time is 6am because of the volume of orders we have and the routing of our drivers.  Once we establish the route for the driver, we cannot add a pick up to his schedule because time is vital to us.  Doing all that laundry in a day is not easy, and we have to be very efficient in the picking up and delivering.  We find that customers who use us regularly tend to order the night before their pick up day.

    -Missed Pick Up

    If you schedule a pick up (or delivery) and we are unable to get your order, we have a $5 missed pick up fee.  We regret having to charge this, but time is vital to us, and we encourage all our customers to use their SPOT (secure point of transfer) so they don’t have to be hassled!

  3. Cleaning


    For regular Wash Dry Fold orders, we are unable to do an inventory of the garments you provide us. As such, we are not responsible for any claims of lost items.  If you would like to provide an itemized inventory for your Wash Dry Fold, we will gladly confirm the list when we receive your order at our plant, and before we package the order for delivery.  Any discrepancies can result in delays while we get in touch with you.

    -Special Requests

    We know that if we can’t make you happy with our service, we have no business!  We welcome any special requests or preferences you have about how you like your laundry.  When you setup your account, you select your detergent, wash, and dry preferences.  You can also add any permanent special instructions.  You also have the option to add order specific instructions (whether pertaining to delivery or your garments) when you schedule each pick up.

    -Lost / Damaged Garments

    Only if a verified inventory list is given to us can we assume liability for any lost claims on wash-dry-fold laundry orders.  Our damaged and lost item terms can be found in our terms of service, which appear when you register your account. Alterations and Repairs We are able to alter or repair anything you need.  Please just pin the garment and provide whatever details so we can get working right away.

    -Detergent Options

    We use Tide, Downy, Clorox, and Bounce to clean your clothes and keep them smelling great.  If you'd like, we are happy to substitute Ecos, Dreft, or Tide Free and Clear.  Please just type a note in the requests section!

  4. Payment

    -Are their any pickup or delivery charges or any other charges?

    No! Pickup and delivery is included in all our pricing. There are no other charges (not even sales tax in NJ for garment care). We do charge a la carte for anything outside of regular Wash Dry Fold garments (Comforters and rugs), but we do not include this in the weighed portion of your order.

    -How do I pay?

    For the security of our drivers, among other reasons, we only accept credit card for payment.

    -How does Value Plan billing work?

    When you log in to your account, you can view your Value Plan details in the My Value Plan section. The plans are billed every 28 days. Please send us an email at info@btmlaundry.com to inquire about your plan, or to pause or cancel it.

    -Is there an order minimum?

    Yes, we have a 15 pound minimum for each order, or a $25 minimum for dry cleaning orders. This is because pickup & delivery is free, and we have to cover all our costs. Receipts -All billing history can be found under the My Orders page. We also attach a receipt to each order for your convenience.

  5. Miscellaneous

    -How do I get free laundry?

    We've developed our Refer A Friend feature to get you free laundry! After you use us once or twice and fall in love, we want you to tell your friends. We know the best way to grow our business is by word of mouth and remark-able experiences. Log into your account, click Refer A Friend, and type in an unlimited number of email into the box. Your friends will get an email describing the service along with a coupon code for 50% off their first order. Once they use this coupon, a 50% off coupon (your free laundry) is automatically sent to you. We would rather pay you instead of some advertising company! Please do this whenever you think of someone who may like the service, we do not have a limit on the number of 50% off coupons you can redeem.

    Your Satisfaction

    Is of the utmost importance to us. If you ever feel your clothing was not returned to you to your satisfaction, please email us or call, and we will be happy to rewash your order.